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Life incredibly exciting as long as we continue to learn

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My basic principle is Lifelong Learning for my life. Learning new technologies and methods makes me more human. Undergraduate degree in business administration. This education gives me different view for working on apps. While I develop apps I think human behaviors and marketing results more than other programmers. I work in the fields of Educational Publishing more than ten years. I have been working on different disciplines. I have active sales and dealership experience in educational publications. I follow new technologies closely. I am also an app developer.

I gave four training on using Unity3D. Video editing with After Effects and Adobe Premier, visual editing with Photoshop and Illustrator, pdf optimization and editing with Acrobat Reader,Social Media and Ad Management (Facebook, instagram, YouTube, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads), Website design with Adobe Muse and WordPress, Application development for Android, IOS and Windows platforms with Unity3D, Admob, UnityAds, In App Purchase and virtual economy integration for application, Augmented Reality, Vuforia, OpenCV, ARToolKit, my experience.

C#, PHP, SQL languages I use. I have the basic principles of object-oriented programing. Familiar to java.

I am especially interested in mobile games.



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